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The SpringStar Mosquito Trap-N-Kill® is a patented trapping system, originally developed by the US Military.  The trap can be used as part of an effective mosquito control program against the types of mosquitoes that can carry diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, West Nile virus, and yellow fever. The Mosquito Trap-N-Kill® is a simple black container that mimics the breeding sites for the Aedes mosquito species, and kills females when they enter the trap to lay their eggs.  Any eggs that hatch are killed as well.  It is easy to assemble, and can provide a low-cost, low-pesticide alternative to fogging practices.   Includes 1 trap, 1 landing strip, and 1 pesticide strip.

Made in USA.


  1. Open canister and take out packet containing pesticide strip, red velour landing strip, and black zip nylon cable tie. Open the enclosed packet and take out pesticide strip. Staple pesticide strip to the inside top rim of the canister.
  2. Place red velour landing strip inside the canister so the strip reaches from the bottom of the canister up and over the rim of the canister.
  3. Bend the red velour strip over the top edge. Thread zip tie through one side hole and up through the hole in the top of the lid.
  4. Screw lid on to the canister making sure to secure red velour strip in place.
  5. Slide zip tie around lid and tighten to itself to secure lid.
  6. Fill canister with water up to the side hole level.
  7. Place canister on ground or up to 3 feet above the ground in an area away from children and pets.

*Replace pesticide strip after 45 days.

    • Dim: 3.50D x 3.50W x 8.50H
    • Weight:0.28 lb
    • Model: SPRINGTK71015
    • Manufacturer: Spring Star

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