Various Dog Breed Petite Wind Spinners

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These spinners are adorable! Their small size and price are an easy fit for any garden. The wings are pre-glued by the factory so you won't be picking up pieces after a big wind. Made from durable polyester rip-stop 

Basset Hound Dim: 19.00L x 9.75W x 12.75H

Beagle Dim: 19.00L x 12.75W x 12.75H

Black Dachshund Dim: 20.75L x 12.5W x 9.25H

Black Lab Dim: 19.00L x 12.75W x 12.75H

Black Poodle Dim: 17L x 11W x 12H

Black Pug Dim: 16.00L x 12.5W x 8.50H

Border Collier Dim: 18.5L x 12.75W x 11.75H

Boston Terrier Dim: 18L x 12.5W x 10H

Boxer Dim: 18L x 10W x 12.5H

Bulldog Dim: 9L x 12.5W x 17.25H

Chihuahua Dim: 17.25L x 10.25W x 12.75H

Corgi Dim: 19.00L x 12.75W x 12.75H

Dachshund Dim: 21.00L x 12.75W x 12.75H

Dalmatian Dim: 18.5L x 12.5W x 10.5H

Doberman Dim: 18L x 11W x 12.75H

French Bulldog Dim: 16.00L x 9.8W x 12.75H

German Shepard Dim: 19.00L x 12.75W x 12.75H

Greyhound Dim: 20.5L x 8W x 12.5H

Husky / Red & White Husky Dim: 18.5L x 10.25W x 12.5H

Jack Russel Dim: 17.25L x 12.5W x 10H

Mastiff Dim: 18L x 9.75W x 12.5H

Pitbull Dim: 17.25L x 9.00W x 12.75H

Poodle Dim:17L x 12.5W x 11H

Retriever Dim: 19.00L x 12.75W x 12.75H

Shih Tzu Dim: 16W. x 10L x 12.5D

Westie Dim: 15.5W. x 8.5L x 12.5D

Yellow Lab Dim: 19.00L x 12.75W x 12.75H

Yorkie Dim: 18.00L x 12.50W x 10.75H

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