Our Business started with our love of gardening. We have tried many products out there only to be let down with quality and price. This led us down the road to find quality products that is price competitive.

We started researching composers, lighting systems and like every back yard, the color pops of décor. These are some key factors we used to determine if an item is suitable to stock. By dealing with the suppliers and manufacture, we want to make sure they stand behind their products.

We use different types of green products around the home and garden. With our raised garden bed, we added a Worm Factory 360 to generate our own compost, rain barrels to collect the rain water to use for our garden and flowers. To add splashes of color around the home and garden, we used many types of garden décor. We use decorative flags for the different seasons, solar items, colored glass wind chimes, fountains and Desert Steel torches to add some heat in the cool evenings while reading the Conant thermometers.

We have a large extended family of critters in our backyard that gets to enjoy our multiple bird houses, suet and seed feeders. We use the Squirrel busters to keep the seed for the birds. Not to be left out, our squirrels love their multiple feeders dedicated just to them.

With our products, we are here to help our customers enjoy more time their backyards.

Derek & Lori