Rain Gauges (Hummingbird, Dragonfly, Frog or Butterfly)

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These Glass Multi Color Rain Gauge Stakes are the ideal decorative rain gauge providing both form and function. The glass rain gauge vial (udometer) is easy to read and displays up to 5 Inch of rainfall. The rain gauge vial/tube is designed with a flat bottom - providing more accurate rainfall measurements. This rain gauge features a sturdy black metal stake in a classic design and a colorful glass decoration within the stake. The metal stake twists apart making it easy to store during the winter.

4 different styles:

  • Hummingbird     Size: 9"x 3"x 31"
  • Dragonfly            Size: 8"x 3.5"x 31"
  • Frog                    Size: 8.5"x 2"x 31"
  • Butterfly              Size: 9.75"x 4"X 31"

Manufactured by Regal Arts & Gifts

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