Many of us are starting to get the weather that makes the Holiday season special. While its beautiful to watch as you put up your Christmas tree or carve your Thanksgiving Day turkey, it does not do so well for the green thumb in us all. So here are 10 winter gardening tips that you should know in order to keep your love of gardening going through the cold winter months and prepare yourself for next spring!

  1. Use Bubble Wrap

It's okay to keep certain plants outside as long as they stay warm. By wrapping your pots in bubble wrap or even blankets, it will help to keep the insulated and keep the heat in.

  1. Pruning

Winter is a great time to start pruning your trees and other plants because there are not any leaves on them. Who knew that there was a benefit to raking all those leaves up during the fall. Reminder that not all plants need pruning, so make sure to research the types of plants you have in your garden before pruning otherwise it may end up harming the plants more than helping.



  1. Grouping

Try grouping all of your potted plants together in one area. It helps them keep warm by insulating the heat, and it also helps protect them from getting blown over in high wind storms.

  1. Sun Exposure

Plant your garden in an area that gets the most Northern or Eastern sun exposure. This will help make it so that temperature do not fluctuate as greatly. By stabilizing the temperature around your plants, your plants are more likely to grow in harsher conditions.

  1. Bring Inside

For those of us who get the worst of winter, it is the best to bring your plants inside. This will help ensure that no unfortunate freezing happens to your plants and it is easier for you to take care of them instead of having to go outside in the freezing cold.


  1. Watering

No matter what the weather is like, do not stop watering your plants! While they may seem like they do not need as much water, they need to stay hydrated in order to stay alive. Just do not give them too much water otherwise they will freeze and destroy the roots!

  1. Burlap Screens

Burlap Screens are a great investment if want to help keep your plants alive during the winter. They help to provide protection from harsh winds in the winter as well as protect your plants from the snow.

  1. Fence

During the winter, neighborhood animals will be looking for an extra source of food. Protect your garden from becoming an animal's next meal by building a fence around it. Make sure that there is no room to squeeze through the fence.

  1. Mulch

Mulch will help keep your plants stay warm and insulated, especially if they are on the ground and not in pots.

  1. Cutting Back Perennials

Make sure to cut back all of your perennials so that they can blossom correctly and healthily. Simply cut off any large or extended pieces so that the plant is as flush with the ground as possible; This will help it avoid being eaten or frozen during winter.


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