Zombie Cruiser Spinner by Premier Designs

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The Zombie Cruiser Spinner by Premier Designs has spinning wheels and will enhance the Halloween holiday.

All of our spinners are constructed from an UV resistant Sun Tex fabric using intricate heavy duty stitching. All edges are stitched three times for maximum durability and the banner is designed to stand up in the harshest types of wind and weather. These car spinners are perfect way to add a wow factor to your home or business as the car wheels spin and the car moves with the wind. The frame and mounting pole are made from fiberglass and all of our spinners include everything that you need to assemble the spinners

Zombie Cruiser Spinner

  • Spinner Platform Two-Wheel Bicycle Spinner
  • Size (W x L) - 25.5 in. x 16 in.
  • Diameter - 8 in.

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