Woodstock Zephyr Chime - Blue or Purple

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A zephyr symbolizes new beginnings, making this a perfect gift for someone embarking on a new venture or making a fresh start.

A zephyr is a light breeze or wind from the west. In Greek mythology, Zephyrus was one of the four Anemoi, or wind gods. He was the god of the west wind and bearer of the gentle spring and summer breezes, celebrated for his "sweet breath" by Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales.

The Zephyr Chime’s bright and captivating sounds will linger in the breeze and bring a sweet little song to your customers' homes and gardens.

This product is designed to hang from a string loop rather than an O-ring.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

  • Product SKU: ZRBL or ZRPU
  • UPC: 028375320912 - 028375321919
  • Dimensions: L 17'' ▪ Dia. 2.5''

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