Rocker Hummingbird Stake (Rufous, Ruby Throated, Purple Coronet or Woodnymph)

$ 42.99
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Colorful and fascinating hummingbirds are painted in iridescent metallic paint and are sitting atop a 42" stake. The rocker stake is designed to rock as the wind blows. Comes in 3 styles.


  • SKU 12957
  • UPC Code 657641129579
  • Dimensions 8.5"x5.75"x42.75"
  • Material Metal


 Ruby Throated:

  • SKU 12956
  • UPC Code 657641129562
  • Dimensions 8.5"x5.75"x42.75"
  • Material Metal 

Purple Coronet:

  • SKU 12955
  • UPC Code 657641129555
  • Dimensions 8.5"x5.75"x42.75"
  • Material Metal


  • SKU 13157
  • UPC Code 657641131572
  • Dimensions 8.5"x5.75"x42"
  • Material Metal




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