Rocker Animal Stake (Rooster, Pig, Horse, or Cow)

$ 42.99
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Our favorite country animal in a galvanized metal finish with gold accents. The weighted arm gently rocks the animal back and forth in a breeze. Comes in 4 styles.


  • SKU 13419
  • UPC Code 657641134191
  • Dimensions 8"x6.25"x42"
  • Material Metal


  • SKU 13418
  • UPC Code 657641134184
  • Dimensions 10.25"x4.75"x44"
  • Material Metal


  • SKU 13417
  • UPC Code 657641134177
  • Dimensions 11.5"x4.75"x41"
  • Material Metal


  • SKU 13416
  • UPC Code 657641134160
  • Dimensions 9"x4.75"x40.25"
  • Material Metal


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