Hummingbird Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender - YourGardenStop
$ 11.99

Let your backyard hummingbirds enjoy fresh nectar every time they visit. Hummingbird Feeder Fresh protects the birds and prevents nectar spoilage naturally. It contains a mineral micronutrient, copper, that keep nectar fresh much longer. This same mineral micronutrient is part of a hummingbird's natural diet of nectar and insects. With no artificial additives, dyes or preservatives, this all-natural, bird-safe product also helps prevent cloudy nectar, which can put off your backyard hummers.

Feeder Fresh Nectar Defender protects your nectar for weeks, and hummingbirds will enjoy fresh nectar every time they visit your feeder. Once you try it, you'll never want to feed hummingbirds without it. Nectar is clear. 4oz bottle.

  • Liquid nectar protector prolongs nectar freshness and prevent spoilage naturally
  • Bird-safe nectar keeper works using mineral micronutrients found in a hummer's natural diet
  • Nectar protection for hummingbird feeders contains no artificial preservatives or additives
  • Dim: 1.60D x 1.60W x 5.50H


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