High Reach Hanger for Birdfeeders, Windchimes, Baskets, etc.

$ 16.99
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Hang your bird feeders, bird houses, flower baskets and more to that high-up branch, wire, gutter, etc. in a fraction of the time with the High Reach Hanger. Just use a broom handle, pole, clothes prop, stick or other long handled device to insert into the spiral cone, attach your bird feeder or hanging plant onto the bottom hook, and lift and hang! No ladder required and hanging those high reaching jobs takes no time at all! Retrieving your feeders to refill takes moments. (These are silver in color)

Size is 8.00L x 4.00W x 1.50H Large
Size is 5.00L x 4.00W x 1.50H Small
  • Holds up to 20Lbs
  • Incredibly versatile and you will find many ways to use it
  • No ladder needed
  • Great for hanging plants or other garden accessories
  • Made in the USA

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