Fantasy Hanging Crystals by Woodstock Chimes

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A large crystal drop is topped by smaller crystals and a special pendant. Sun streaming through the crystals fills your room with rainbows.

Not boxed, instead it comes with a sheer organza gift bag. Recommended for indoor use. Woodstock Rainbow Makers do for light what our chimes do for sound.

Available in: 

  • Fairy - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Hummingbird - 1.75W x 10L x 1H 
  • Angel  - 1.5W x 10L x 1H
  • Dragonfly - 1.5W x 10L x 1H
  • Butterfly - 1.5W x 10L x 1H
  • Cats & Moon - 1.5W x 8.5L x 1H
  • Dog - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Tabby Cat - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Llama -  4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Pink Flamingo - 1.00D x 1.00W x 4.50H
  • Buddha - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Elephant - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Tree of Life - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Winged Heart - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H
  • Cardinal - 4.5W x 10L x 4.5H

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