Cardinal, Robin or Blue Jay on a Branch Small Window Thermometers

$ 16.99
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Songbird Essentials' small window thermometers are hand-carved from albesia wood. Each piece is hand-painted on both sides and coated with polyurethane to protect them from the environment. 

  • The thermometers are Mercury free & read in both Farhenheit & Celsius.  
  • Cardinal - Size: 6.50L x 0.80W x 3.40H - Weight:0.25 lb
  • Blue Jay - Size: 6.50L x 1.00W x 3.70H - Weight:0.25 lb
  • Robin -    Size:  5.90L x 0.80W x 4.30H - Weight:0.25 lb
  • Manufactured by Songbird Essentials

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