Birdfeeder Birdhouse Cleaner - 4 oz or 16 oz

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Simple to use; the entire 4 oz. bottle is emptied into a bucket of warm water. Once mixed, the product is designed to clean one to one dozen birdhouses and feeders. Extremely powerful in removing all organic contaminants caused by birds.

  • UPC#: 4 oz. - 014425947253  16 oz. - 014425947222
  • Model: 4 oz.- CF94725 16 oz. - CF94722
  • Manufacturer: Care Free Enzymes

Birdfeeder Cleaner Birdfeeders should be cleaned every month to maintain a naturally healthy feeder. Decaying seed promotes e-coli bacteria, which will harm and in many cases kill birds. Decaying seed also invites parasites that will harm the adult bird and its brew.

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