Bird Feeders by No-No (Snowman, Penquin, Mrs Snowman & Polar Bear)

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No/No Mesh Snowman Bird Feeder - Dim: 15.00L x 5.75W x 5.75H

The No/No Snowman is designed to create a strong urge to purchase. A product for all seasons. No assembly required, just hang and enjoy! Dispenses black oil sunflower seed through the metal mesh. This adorable snowman is a great seller year round..

No/No Mesh Mrs. Snowman Bird Feeder - Dim: 5.00L x 5.00W x 14.50H

Snowwoman. Sturdy, all-metal design just fill, hang and enjoy. Dispenses black oil sunflower or safflower seed through mesh. 15 inch high, including top hat lid. This adorable snowman is a great seller year round

No/No Mesh Penguin Bird Feeder - Dim: 6.00L x 6.00W x 14.70H

Measuring 15 in high, this NO/NO (NO WOOD/NO PLASTIC) bird feeder is constructed with an all-metal diamond mesh design. The durable feeder is protected from the weather elements and squirrels. Lift the Penguin's top hat and fill with up to 3 lb of black oil sunflower seed. The large, open feeding area is able to accommodate 10-15 birds at once.

No/No Polar Bear Mesh Bird Feeder - Dim: 6.00L x 6.00W x 14.70H

Liven up your backyard decor with the NO/NO Polar Bear Mesh Bird Feeder. Made with an all-metal diamond mesh design, this charming feeder is durable and functional, with the ability to simultaneously feed multiple perching birds.

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