Whirligig (Dancing Flamingo, Hummingbird/Dragonfly, Cardinal Nest)

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Dancing Flamingo 

Dancing Flamingo Whirligig. Wind-powered Kinetic Sculpture for the Garden. Action: Birds flap wings and earrings jiggle.

  •  Dim: 13.50L x 10.75W x 55.25H
  • Weight:3.50 lb

Hummingbird & Dragonfly

When the wind blows at propellers the hummingbird hovers and feeds at flowers and the dragonfly flaps its wings. Individually boxed for easy display and gift giving. They come with their own 47 inch pole.

  • Dim: 55.00L x 9.50W x 12.50H
  • Weight:2.50 lb

Cardinal Nest 

Handmade, all metal kinetic sculpture for the garden, complete with pole.

  • Dim: 10.00L x 12.50W x 55.00H
  • Weight:2.50 lb

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