8 ideas that Gardeners want for Christmas

Many gardeners when asked what they want for Christmas is "I don't want anything for Christmas". If this is what you are dealing with then this blog is what you are looking for. Gardeners where asked on "Lovely Green's" Facebook page what they wanted for Christmas and this is the results.

1. Berry Bushes


The most popular answer with gardeners saying they’d like more berry bushes and perennial plants. Buying potted fruit plants and trees is the perfect gift since your gardener friend can plant them out at any time of the year. Here’s some ideas:

  • Black Raspberry Plants – will grow in warmer climates as well as temperate
  • Blueberry bush – this ‘Bluecrop’ is one of the most popular varieties available
  • Blueberry plants “Pink Lemonade” – these blueberries are actually pink!
  •  Miracle Berry Plant – eating the berries from this plant will change the flavor of anything sour to incredibly sweet! The actual berries are hard to come by and usually quite expensive making this bush very special indeed.

2. More Gardening Space

Ideas for vertical gardening

Gardeners always want a bit more growing space. You don’t have to buy more space to give your gardener a larger growing area — give them the gift of vertical gardening. With these ideas you can grow more plants in less space.

3. Garden Birds

NoNo Christmas Bird feeders


Gardeners don’t just love the plants but they also love the animals that live there too. Wild birds are the most popular and feeding, providing shelter, and watching them is enjoyed by most.

4. Practical Tools

Those who spend time working with their gardening know the importance of good tools. Some of the people who commented on what they’d like for Christmas mentioned leather gardening gloves, galvanized steel watering cans, and even wheelbarrows.

           Pruning shears

5. Seeds and Bulbs

Seeds and Bulbs

When you buy a gardener seeds you can't go wrong.. They make great stocking stuffers, or entire sets of them make a great present on its own.

6.  Gardening Pampering

Botanical Soap Sampler Set

Spending time in the garden deserves skin-loving indulgence. Aromatherapy candles, handmade soaps, and garden scented products help heal, clean the skin and relax the body.

Lavender, Soap, Pampering Kit

7. Succulent Pots & Plants

Elephant succulent plants

Succulents are often given only as housewarming gifts, but plants and planters are perfect for any time of the year for plant lovers. The most popular plants currently are succulents. They come in dozens of varieties and will happily make a home in most planters.

8. A Gardener

This answer made me laugh out loud each time it was given. Gardening is a passion but some of the work is hard. Digging, weeding, moving compost, mowing the lawn, the list goes on. If garden help isn’t in your budget, here’s some amusing gifts for gardeners (and their partners).


Source: https://lovelygreens.com/what-gardeners-want-for-christmas/

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