Growing Achilleas: Growing Facts and Solutions
The Achillea (Yarrow) is a beautiful plant to grow in your garden. This article will give you some information to help make these flowers shine in your garden. 
The Achillea is a very tolerant plant, needs plenty of sun and well-drained soil. It is a perennial, meaning that it will come back year after year as long as it is taken care of. This beautiful flower thrives in a great deal of places throughout the United States. It specially does will  in zones 2 to 9 of the plant hardiness zones of the United States, which you can see below. 
Garden Problems
Here are some issues that would make your Achillea difficult to grow and stay alive. 

  • These are the only inspects to attach Achillea. The damage appears as silvery or brown sports or streaking on the leaves and flowers.
  • You can knock Thrips off with a strong blast of water and, if they persist, it is best to use an insecticidal soap or azadirachtin

Powdery Mildrew

  • Since Achillea can thrive in hot, dry locations, powdery mildew can be a problem if the conditions were turn humid.  The disease isn't fatal but the white coating on the foliage and flowers are very unattractive.
  • You can remove and destroy any infected plants to prevent any spread.To prevent further outbreaks, spray liquid sulfur of baking soda to help control

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