No-No Designer Sunflower Single or Double with Perch Bird Feeders

Size: Single Tray
$ 26.99


NONOSB00316 - NO/NO's Sunflower Basket feeder in black and yellow holds 2 pounds of black oil sunflower seeds and can fed 10 to 15 birds at once. There is no cleaning necessary as the rain and snow just blow right through but it is also dishwasher safe if you feel the need to clean it up.

Single Tray size is 9" x 2" x 5"

NONO387CS - No wood and no plastic. Lasts for years and years. Feeds multiple birds at once. No cleaning needed (but it is dishwasher safe if you insist). Rain or snow just run or blow right through it. The simple wire mesh design helps to protect birds from avian diseases. Makes a no hassle gift idea for friends and family.

Double Tray size is 9" x 2" x 10"

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