Frost Protek Tomato Cover (White or Green)

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Use early season to transition plants from the greenhouse to the yard and get a strong start. Use mid-season to protect from wind and storms. Use late season to enable more tomatoes and other produce to ripen on the vine.  

Lightweight and breathable fabric allows air and UV light to reach plants. Cover may be left on plants during daytime during cold spells. 

The tomato cover easily drapes over your tomato plant. Tighten the drawstring to quickly secure the cover in place. 

Ideal For

  • tomato plants with or without tomato cage

  • in-ground or hanging tomatoes


  • cover height 48 inches, drawstring opening 55 inches

  • double-pull drawstring with cord lock

  • 100% polypropylene fabric

  • washable

  • dries quickly

  • use season after season

  • protects to about 26 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Item Number:  FP5548-GREEN


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