75-Gallon Collapsible Composting Compost Bin Composter

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This 75-Gallon Collapsible Composting Compost Bin Composter features an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-use design that can simplify and speed the composting process. It includes a spring-loaded design that makes set-up and storage a breeze, in addition to offering easy access when it’s time to aerate your compost. An open bottom, round shape and mesh walls work together to maximize the breakdown process, yielding usable compost as efficiently as possible. A windproof lid, sturdy construction and included anchoring stakes help our Eco Bin Composter withstand the elements and years of use. 
  • 75-Gallon Collapsible Composting Compost Bin Composter
  • Ideal for composting organic material derived from plants and animals to be used as fertilizer, soil conditioner
  • Collapsible, spring-loaded design makes set-up and storage effortless and offers easy access to compost
  • Optimal open-bottom design provides access for worms and microbes to speed the composting process
  • Natural pesticide in gardening and landscaping
  • Round shape evenly distributes heat during decomposition and mesh walls increase airflow to maximize the aerobic decomposition process
  • 75-Gallon capacity
  • Shipping Weight: 8lbs.

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