6'x8' Steel Storage Shed w/Sliding Doors in White Eggshell & Green

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With this Outdoor 6-ft x 8-ft Steel Storage Shed with Sliding Doors in White Eggshell and Green Color, you'll be able to grow a green world that even Shakespeare would admire. A well-kept lawn and garden is no easy trick and requires both hard work and lots of equipment. When the work is done, though, hiding your tools in this attractive shed makes your results look effortless. And with all the implements you can fit in this shed, you'll be sure that no one ever mistakes your yard as "an unweeded garden that grows to seed." The beautifully paired eggshell and green-meadow color combination adds a romantic touch of the lush countryside that compliments any exterior design or landscaping. And the low gable of the reinforced steel roof both avoids rainwater pooling up top and affords you a little extra head room when grabbing your implements. With easy-sliding doors that can be padlocked, this shed keeps your items safe and sound. Made in the United States, this shed is constructed with electro-galvanized steel, making it affordable, durable, and attractive. With numbered and predrilled parts, this shed can be assembled quickly and easily as a weekend project with basic DIY skills.
  • Outdoor 6-ft x 8-ft Steel Storage Shed with Sliding Doors in White Eggshell and Green Color
  • Durable electro-galvanized steel construction
  • Moderately sized shed with ample storage capacity
  • Low gable with reinforced steel roof
  • Sliding doors for easy access
  • Precut and predrilled parts for easier assembly
  • Attractive eggshell and green-meadow exterior
  • Exterior: 99.75W x 71.25D x 67.88H inches
  • Interior: 94.75W x 66D x 66.63H inches
  • Door: 43.5W x 58H inches

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