60-Gallon HDPE Plastic Rain Barrel with Screw on Cover

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Rain happens. Rain is free. This 60-Gallon HDPE Food Grade Plastic Rain Barrel with Screw on Cover can fill up with less than .25 inch of rainfall. Rain barrels can go a long way in offsetting your domestic water needs, including gardening, car washing, and pool topping. In turn, the burden on the local water system or your well will diminish and ultimately save you money. Collecting rain water has become as typical as recycling bottles, cans, newspapers, and composting. Link two or three barrels together and you can save up to 180 gallons of precious rain water.
  • 60-Gallon HDPE Food Grade Plastic Rain Barrel with Screw on Cover
  • Made from recycled food grade plastic resin
  • Unfinished so you can decide the final look
  • 60-gallon capacity
  • Link to other barrels with a .75-inch piece of garden hose (not included)
  • Approximate weight is 20 lbs.
  • UV protected for a long life
  • Overflow fitting, drain plug, screw on cover included
  • Optional spigot 4 or 14 inches from ground
  • Features an insect screen to keep water clear of debris
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Gallon Capacity 60
  • Material Recycled Food Grade Plastic Resin
  • Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 24D x 39H in.
  • Weight: 20lbs.

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